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Make Seven Oaks Hospice Care your family’s choice.

When you invite Seven Oaks Hospice Care into your home, you will feel a deep sense of relief knowing that your loved one is receiving the high quality medical care, one-on-one attention, and personal dignity that he or she deserves — all from our tightly knit team of caring professionals. 

Seven Oaks Hospice Care is a member of several professional hospice organizations including the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization (NHPCO) and the Pennsylvania Hospice and Palliative Care Network (PHPCN).  

​We invite you to make Seven Oaks Hospice Care part of your family’s plans and experience the moments of grace and special closeness enabled by high quality hospice care.

To request more information, please call: (412) 885-8500, or fill out our convenient online contact form.

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