Frequently Asked Questions

What is hospice care?

Hospice care is personalized and practical support for an individual faced with a life-limiting medical condition and his or her family. Focus is on providing comfort, not cure, with emphasis on alleviating pain, controlling disease symptoms, and enabling the patient to live as fully and independently as possible. Care is provided by a specially trained team of professionals who manage the patient’s physical, emotional, social and spiritual well-being, and offer assistance and support to the family. 

Where can hospice be provided?

Private Home: Hospices will bring all aspects of hospice, including equipment, medication and staff, to your loved one’s private home.

Assisted Living or Personal Care: Hospice care can be provided in an assisted living facility or a personal care home. Hospice staff work directly with the staff at the facility to coordinate care for your loved one.

Nursing Homes: Some patients reside in settings that provide higher levels of care, such as nursing homes, long term care facilities and skilled nursing units.  The agency works directly with the staff of these facilities to make sure that your elderly loved one receives excellent care.

Hospice Care Homes: Hospice is also provided in buildings specially dedicated to providing hospice care.

Who can benefit from hospice?

Any person diagnosed by a physician with a life-limiting medical condition can benefit from our hospice care and support.​ At Seven Oaks, patients and families benefit from services provided by the traditional medical team of physicians and nurses as well as practical assistance from social workers, spiritual and bereavement counselors, and specially trained community volunteers.

How are hospice services paid for?

While Seven Oaks Hospice Service currently accepts Medicare, there are several other ways that families typically pay for hospice:

​Private Insurance: Your senior may have a private insurance policy that covers all or part of the cost of hospice services.

Veterans Administration (VA) and governmental insurance: Contact Seven Oaks to determine if your loved one is entitled to hospice services covered by the Veterans Administration or some other governmental entity.

Private Payment: For those who do not have insurance or are not eligible for Medicare, some prospective hospice patients may be in a financial position to pay for hospice services out-of-pocket.

Who qualifies for hospice care?

Any individual diagnosed by a physician with a life-limiting medical condition and no longer seeking curative treatment is eligible for hospice care. Diagnoses can include end-stage diabetes, COPD, Alzheimer’s, ALS, cardiac, liver or kidney disease.

​If you think a loved one might benefit from hospice care, contact our Seven Oaks Hospice Care staff.  We will call your physician and meet with you to assess both patient and family needs.  Remember, hospice care and services can be provided wherever your loved one resides – at home or in a personal care home, assisted living facility or nursing facility.

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